Wood for Construction

… the Stone Age is over


Considering the growing attractiveness of wood as building material as compared to other construction materials we are particularly underlining our efficiency as a supplier for producers of planed timber, solid wood for construction, glued timber.

We provide the raw material that our customers will process for design applications as well as for wooden facades. Whether it is about specific squared timber dimensions for construction purposes or simple-profiled products or tongued and grooved rough boards for facing applications. In this area e.g. our pressure impregnated shuttering boards have proven very successful for the creation of facades.

We are an efficient supplier of lamellas for glued timber kiln dried and planed. Here we have in view the strongly growing Asian sales markets whose post-processing industry we are already directly supplying with sawn timber stock for glued timberconstruction.

It stands to reason that you can also expect to get standard building material like squared timber stock, laths, frames, narrow and broad stuff made of spruce or pine. And all of this also dip impregnated in brown or green. Particular customer’s wishes, e.g. regarding the lumber grading or the cross-section, are our everyday business.