… openly approaching each other


Our strategy is communicated to our employees, customers, suppliers and all partners. It is made clear to all who work and live with it. In all questions of everyday life we examine whether our doing, our decisions and our considerations match our strategy. The entirety of the factors described in our strategy and the way they interplay with each other give us our uniqueness and thus secure our continued existence and our progress.


… we change ourselves and others


In our company we are constantly working on projects that ensure our progress. In this way, existing organisational structures and production sequences are permanently optimised on the one hand, and on the other hand, new processing methods and new products are examined with respect to their marketability and industrial feasibility. This is how we face the constantly changing markets and the structural change within the industry. Tradition and innovation are no contradictions but two target characteristics pointing in the same direction, that is to a successful future.

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